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Career or Family? 10 Surprising Reasons Why Raising Kids Will Boost Your Career (part 2)

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Hi! I'm Annika Tell

Who would have thought raising kids is actually a course in leadership and sales?

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A great career or family – can’t have both, right? Wrong! In my experience, the two can be successfully combined. My last post was about managerial skills and how the time we spend with our children develops them. Many say that children become our teachers and I wholeheartedly agree. That is why today’s post is on the same topic and I’ll be bringing you more examples of the various skills that children help us develop.

Children teach us how to be smart with money.

It seems like an oxymoron considering how expensive having children can be but stay with me. I promise it’ll make sense. As it happens, it is Financial Independence Awareness Day today so it is only appropriate that we talk about money. I’m not saying that being smart with money will grant you financial freedom but it will most definitely help with reducing stress and headaches.

Talking about money – the family has a budget and everyone must stick to it. Easier said than done; I know, especially since we’ve already established that kids excel in salesmanship. They have no trouble convincing you how their life would lose all meaning if they don’t get the new Lego set or a remote control car. Draaaama mama but that is what you get with small kids – good luck if you have teenagers :D.

Their excellent salesmanship and ability to guilt-trip you know no bounds which are why having a budget and sticking to it is crucial. This task usually falls on the mothers because we’re mostly the ones buying everything anyway and not only for our kids but also our spouses.

Forget the fancy-schmancy art schools – being a parent takes your creativity to another level.

I doubt the need to explain why having a creative approach is important in the world of business. You need to constantly tap into your creative juices when you have children.

You have to come up with activities when they claim to be bored to death (cue the dramatic violin music again 😀 ); redirect their attention from the candy jar to the bowl of broccoli which requires some master-class level creativity; put on the referee shirt again and solve whatever conflict they have with one another, or it can be something as ‘simple’ as packing an exciting picnic basket.

Kids expect excitement; novel solutions to any- and everything; and a true mother has to be able to provide all of that and you know what? We do and then some!

You have already earned a business degree after spending so much time at home with your kids.

Everybody knows that the only beings in this universe that can multitask are MOMS

Every mother knows that the luxury of focusing on one thing flies out the window as soon as your firstborn is in your arms. Scratch that! We find that out even before they’re born when we have to focus on our breathing and pushing and staying conscious through all of it :D.

Mothers are like chameleons – their eyes can look far and wide in different directions; catch the falling antique vase from across the room in a split second and if necessary, change color (however, it’s not a pretty sight when moms change color 😀 ). Moms can do it all while cooking dinner and they manage to do it with an air of calmness that would put the Tibetan monks to shame.

Your children will turn you into a better leader than Harvard Business School ever could.

As I’ve mentioned before, managing a business and raising children is incredibly similar. There are successful companies where everybody respects one another and is eager to work towards a common goal. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples of the opposite.

Career or family – the same applies to both. Some families who cherish one another and remain extremely close even after the little ones have flown the coop, and then there are families where this isn’t the case. The reasons for such vast differences are the same.

career or family lapsed või karjäär

Career or family – the ones who stick together share a common goal and vision.

There isn’t a business that can thrive without them and the same goes for families. Common goals and values bring people together and increase mutual understanding.

Some families that create a common vision board so everyone is clear of their values and act accordingly. Successful businesses do the same.

Jayson Waller never finished high school but is now the founder of POWERHOME Solar which is one of the most successful companies in the States. His success is based on his steadfast vision, incredible work ethic, big heart, and mental aptitude. He cares for the people who work for him and they all share the same vision.

Raising a family trains the same attributes. I strongly recommend listening to his podcast Entrepreneurs On Fire and you too will feel like anything’s possible.

Take a moment and ponder: 

  • What kind of activity do you enjoy the most (or would enjoy in case you don’t have the time for it right now)?
  • How to turn it into a business venture? 
  • What would be the first step in making it happen?

Dear moms (and dads), I want to conclude this post by saying that you have already earned a business degree after spending so much time at home with your kids.

You don’t have to choose between a career or a family. You can be great at both because you are experts in time management; problem-solving is a piece of cake for you; you have the listening skills of a seasoned psychiatrist and you can make people feel at ease when they are around you.

You instinctively know all the principles in the world of sales; you can keep a level head even in the most difficult situations; you can put together a budget and stick to it. You are creative and innovative; you can successfully multitask like no other; you can put together a united team that shares the same goals and visions.

As Ellie Goulding put it: ‘What are you waiting for?’. Be brave; start realizing your ideas; and know that you already possess the most important tools for success!

With love,


P.S. If you know someone who could benefit from reading this post then please share it with them. Everybody benefits from a boost of positivity. We would both greatly appreciate it!


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