When we live by our VALUES,
they are the compasses that guide everything we do.


Keep a commitment

Without commitment nothing great ever happens. Would you LIKE to achieve something or are you COMMITTED to reaching your goals? The question I ask myself a lot is “Annika, do you want to be comfortable or do you want to be successful? Cannot have both”. Motivation comes and goes and in my opinion it’s totally overrated. To get anywhere in life we need to build a vision, make a commitment and stay focused on doing what matters most.


Focus on Growth

Life is not about one single goal. Life is also not a race. No need to compare yourself to others. To me, life means COMPARING myself to MYSELF and being persistent in trying to be a little bit better than I was yesterday.


Have an Impact

I truly believe that we all have the talent and capability to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Making such an impact is the greatest feeling in the world. I love people who achieve a lot but stay humble and respectful to others, who listen and care. I want to be that kind of person. Focus on being the best version of yourself and you will inspire others!


Create a Vision

If you know WHY, you will always figure out HOW. If we don’t know WHY, we don’t even care about HOW. It is very easy to get lost if you don’t even know where you are going. Create a vision, divide it into small controllable steps, stay focused and it is only a matter of time before you achieve your goals.


Leave a Legacy

I believe it is important to leave a legacy. Become great at something and pass it on. Pass it on to someone who carries on the spirit and vision. It is especially rewarding if our legacy is far greater than we ever were.


Have a great Attitude

I believe it is a life well lived if I can do all of the aforementioned things with a great attitude. At the same time, it is close to impossible to live out those values without a great attitude. A great attitude in my mind is not smiling all the time but rather focusing on a SOLUTION instead of a PROBLEM. A great attitude is constantly finding something to be grateful for and putting things into perspective. It is never as good as it seems or as bad as it looks. Control and influence what you can and don’t worry about the rest. It is what it is.


Anything is Possible

Anything is Possible if you Make a Commitment and Keep it, Focus on Growth, Have an Impact, Create a Vision, Leave a Legacy and Have a great Attitude. THINK BIG. Think WHY NOT instead of WHAT IF… Think that you can. Go get it!

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