I have met so many inspiring people in my journey…

I have known Annika for more than 15 years. During that time, she has excelled in personal sales, in team building, in organizational leadership – and as a wife and mother of two growing boys. She thinks very clearly to identify the most important priorities in both her work and family life, and then – with discipline, graciousness, and a wonderful sense of humor – pursues those priorities. She is a great example of a goal to which we all aspire: to be a ‘master of the art of the living.’
Dan Moore
Former President of the Southwestern Advantage
Annika is a powerful role model in the Estonian society. Primarily for women, but also for men. Annika is a great example with her clear and conscious mind, her ability to concentrate energy and attention. She is always loving and warm but also aware and determined.
Kristiina Raie
Spiritual Mentor and Coach
It is amazing how Annika can be an amazing mother, leader and entrepreneur all at the same time! And besides, she is always calm, happy and helpful.
Jaak Roosaare
CEO of Leguar Capital and founding partner at Scandium Real Estate. Author. Investor. Blogger.
You are and will always be my inspiration as a wife, leader and mother. Your big heart exudes love and warmth.
Kerttu Karon
Actor, Los Angeles, California
Thank you for helping me build a foundation for my life and retain good habits.
Mihkel Moosel
Experienced Amazon Growth Consultant
Annika has helped bring together a lot of awesome people and energy. What I especially like about you is your calmness and ability to put even the most difficult things in perspective. All of that has definitely helped me and many others.
Roland Treial
For me, the word that belongs together with Annika is gratitude. I see how she expresses her own gratitude whenever I speak with her. She has become a great role model for me by doing so.
Johanna Kostin
Recruiter at Bolt
I’m extremely grateful to Annika for the amount of time and energy she put in me and all the other people in Possible so we could achieve our goals and not lose faith in each other. What I value most about Annika is that she truly cares about the people around her and she is always willing to help.
Siret Peetersoo
Sales Executive
Annika is very sweet and a good person. I am incredibly grateful for having her as a role model, mentor and friend. Thank you, Annika, for all that you do.
Katariina Kalda
Annika, I greatly appreciate how you always see the best in people and also know how to bring it out in them. Thank you!
Sven Vister
The United Kingdom & Ireland Accounts Receivable Country Lead, CMA CGM
Annika, You are an inspiration. You are a powerful woman. You are a gentle woman. You are an awesome woman. You are a beautiful woman. Annika, you help others make life possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Karmen Tigas
Recruitment Partner @ TalenHub
I like how Annika manages to explain something so it actually becomes clear and understandable.
Birgit Maranik
Communication Consultant
Annika is an incredible leader. It still seems impossible to me how she finds time for everyone who needs her while taking care of her family and running her team.
Inge-Marit Jaakson
Coach, Powerful Marketers
Annika, I appreciate your positivity and patience beyond measure. I’ve learned how to be a determined and joyful leader. Thank you!
Tõnis Erissaar
Product Manager at Wolf Group
Annika is always very calm and understanding. It seems like she always says just the right thing that the other person wants or needs to hear at that moment.
Kristel Sildver
Executive Assistant to CTO
I have known Annika for more than ten years, the better and more productive part of my life, and I am amazed by this woman. She believes in mind power, kindness, growing as a person, and making a positive impact. There is so much good in her. I don't understand how she has the personal power to do everything she is doing. She is raising an above-average number of kids, keeping up a household, actively volunteering in charities, leading a sales organization, and taking the initiative for other personal projects. It is incredible. She is an example to follow for sure. Annika is especially good at the finding-a-way attitude; when obstacles appear, it is a question of how not if. She is usually very chill and calm in stressful situations, and I don't see her frustrated. Annika manages to discipline herself in some critical areas of her life that contribute to her success: waking up early (5 am club is nothing special), eating clean and healthy, and keeping the mind thankful. She is an example of thankfulness to anyone, and I know she has the habit of teaching it to her kids. It is a privilege to know her and call her my friend.
Maret Pajo
District Sales Manager and CEO
Happy, grateful, calm. Keep your nose in your own plate despite what others do. These are only a couple of guidelines that Annika has given me for everyday use. I didn’t quite understand gratitude at first. Why do I need that? I’ve finally figured it out thanks to Annika and I am grateful that she and I have crossed paths.
Martin Teras
Sales Manager, Tallinn
Annika is a great leader and coach! I had the honor of working in Annika's team for 9 years, and she led by example. She always kept the team motivated and lifted people's belief barriers. I believe she is one of the best coaches I have ever had and her people skills are highly developed. Her ability to listen and ask great questions to help people overcome challenges was always an inspiration. I'm delighted I had the chance to be coached by Annika.
Sander Sildver
Business Owner, Investor and Certified Sales & Leadership Coach
Annika has been a truly important person during my journey and a great role model. She is an extraordinary leader and an extremely positive individual.
Rait Lillepuu
Online Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistent, Freelancer, Social Media Manager
Thank you, Annika, for your support and understanding. Thank you for being a trailblazer and an example to others.
Mari-Liis Tommula
Accounting Assistant at Fortum
Annika for me is a testament that if you really want something then anything is possible.
Laura Tillo
Co-Founder/CEO at Naviteel
Annika! Thank you for giving me the tools to building a better life and teaching me how to use them. Your ability to be in the moment, your honest and true attitude are exactly the characteristics I wish to become better at. Thank you for believing in me!
Gertrud Kinna
Freelance Sculptor / Artist
Thank you, Annika, for having taught me so much. You are an excellent mentor and you taught me what it means to be grateful for the things, moments and people that we have in our lives and that is what I am happiest for.
Johannes Veiram
Sales Consultant, Tallinn
Annika has always been my role model because of her ability to listen. It is amazing how she leads people. Apart from that, she cares a great deal about people. I am extremely grateful that I have had the chance to work with Annika and learn so much from her. I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. Thank you, Annika.
Mirjam Kollom
Multibrand Cost Specialist at Siemens Gamesa
What I appreciate the most about Annika is her loving and generous nature.
Daaniel Ipsberg
Business Development Manager
What I appreciate about Annika is her incredible listening skills and desire to figure things out. You are a great role model as a mother and wife. I admire your ability to be a bright-eyed mother and wife while leading a group of students at the same time. However, as you once self said – we’re only given as much we can carry.
Maarja Maranik
Sales Manager at SEB
What I like most about Annika is that she always believes in you and encourages you even when you’ve lost all hope or when you cannot make any decisions.
Andrus Jaakson
Thank you, Annika, for being a generous, helpful, and good role model to all of us. You haven’t just changed my life and the lives of the people in Possible but you’ve reached thousands. Keep doing what you’re doing and lead the way!
Rasmus Tipp
CEO & Founder of SherpaLife OÜ
Apart from discipline and a supportive way of thinking, you also brought softer values to my life such as the ability to trust and sensing oneself; and for that I thank you.
Martin Raadik
Regional Manager at Eleport

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